About the Witch

I’ve been interested in magic for about a year and seriously practicing for another. So that makes two years. I’m slowly learning more and more about myself and what I want from my path as I delve deeper into traditional witchcraft.

I was born a natural empath, probably inherited from my mother who is a much more powerful empath than I am. I’m also slowly learning that being an empath is nothing quite as special as I once thought as most claim to be one. However, this is nothing to lament over as it gives me that much more resources to learn about this ability that has controlled and plagued my life ever since I could remember.

I don’t know if I was always interested in magic as a child, or if I was just superstitious. I do know that about two years ago I happened to find out that witchcraft isn’t exactly what I was told it was back in Catholic school and suddenly I was lifted into the world of spirits, deities, and the existence of things I never could have imagined. Energies that I was shocked to be exposed to, and experiences I still am hesitant to say aloud for fear that they might be real.

Currently, I’m switching paths. Gaelic Polytheism seems to be something I can relate to and I’m researching it more before I take the plunge. I have one spirit companion named M who I adore. I have not been initiated in the way some Traditional witches are. So perhaps I’m not fit to even call myself a “witch” due to that, but there’s something grounding about the title that I cannot explain.

My path and Craft are ever-evolving and at some point, once I stop cataloging, I’ll be posting my personal experiences.

Thank you for visiting the Witches’ Light ❤

With all the Love,