• Candles symbolically and spiritually repel the darkness and bring us light. They guide our way and have major religious and cultural significance around the world.
  • Candles, then and now, are often treated as offerings to deities and spirits.
  • Their light was believed to be a form of protection and farmers would frequently use blessed candles to protect their livestock.
  • The Church only began placing candles on altars during the 12th century C. E. They were used in rituals absolving sin, exorcisms, and blessings.
  • Candles are associated with the dead. A lit candle placed at a dying person’s bedside was said to ward off demons. In American folklore, keeping a candle lit in an empty room will cause the death of a relative. Candles were also thought to awake the dead.
  • In traditional witchcraft, candles made of human fat supposedly contained life energy and were used in 17th century Black Masses.
  • Modern witchcraft burns candles for spells, ceremonies, deity worship, spirit communication, and to mark the four quarters of a magic circle.
  • Candle Color Associations*:
    • White: spiritual truth and strength; breaking of curses; meditation; household purification.
    • Yellow: persuasion; confidence and charm; aid to memory and studying; Virgo; Gemini.
    • Green: healing, money and prosperity; luck; fertility; Sagittarius.
    • Pink: love and friendship; entertaining; morality; overcoming evil; Cancer.
    • Red: sexuality; strength, physical health and vigor; passion; protection; Scorpio; Aries.
    • Orange: courage, solving of legal problems; concentration; encouragement; Taurus.
    • Blue: psychic and spiritual awareness; peace; prophetic dreams; protection during sleep; Aquarius; Virgo.
    • Purple: ambition; reversing a curse; speeding up the healing of an illness; extra power; Pisces; Libra (lavender).
    • Brown: protecting pets; solving household problems; attracting help in financial crises; Capricorn.
    • Gold: intuition; protection; Leo.
    • Gray: stalemate; neutrality; cancellation.
    • Black: evil; loss; sadness; discord; [banishment].
  • It’s said that black candles can only be used in cursing and Satanic purposes, but that isn’t one hundred percent true. Many neo-Pagans, including myself, consider the burning of a black candle to be useful in banishment whether that’s banishment of a spirit, negative energies, or something else is up to the person.


*”The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft” by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, 1st Edition

(Side note: The candle color associations listed above are copied directly from the above citation. I claim no ownership over the wording. I added “banishment” as a use for the black candle, but that’s all.)

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