Book of Shadows

  • “A book of beliefs, rituals, witchcraft laws and ethics, herbal and healing lore, incantations, chants, dances, spells, divination methods, sabbat rites and miscellaneous topics, which serves as a guide for witches in practicing their Craft and religion” (Guiley 35)*.
  • Most witches have their own personal books of shadow where they not only record the above listed, but their experiences and evolution on in their Craft. If one is part of a coven, the coven will usually have its own master book of shadows which one would be allowed to copy from and use.
  • This book should be kept secret, and in some traditions, it’s required the book be burned after the witch’s death.
  • Books of shadow tend to be a more modern invention as folk magic and other customs were handed down through families or communities orally.


*”The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft” by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, 1st Edition

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