• The medieval term for a witch’s ability to cause infertility in men, animals, and crops.
  • The accusation of blasting is dates back as early as the 2nd century C. E. and are supposedly quite common for witches as fertility was directly linked to prosperity.
  • Many pagan rituals celebrate and enhance fertility, so blasting is the opposite of that.
  • According to folklore, witches blasted crops by taking a flayed cat, toad, lizard, and viper and lay them on hot coals until completely incinerated. A powder was to be created from the ashes and sown into the soil of the witch’s victim.
  • Placing snakes underneath the threshold, house, or barn was said to cause miscarriages, still births, infertility in the home, and birth defects.
  • Another way witches were said to disrupt sexual acts was to cast an illusion spell o men so they could neither feel, nor see their penises.
  • Ironically, the Inquisition used blasting as a technique to fight pagans and enemies of the Church.
  • Blasting was most likely used among all types of people, not just witches, including farmers to snuff out competition.

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