• As symbols of the divine, a bell’s sound symbolizes creative power and their shape mimics a womb.
  • Historically, bells have been thought to hold magical power in multiple ancient and modern cultures including Hindus, ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, and Buddhism.
  • I personally use a bell to signify the opening and closing of a ritual by clearing the energies.
  • Bells attached to clothing are used as amulets for the above purposes.
  • Ringing a bell is said to have the following desired affects: driving away evil spirits, clearing energies, clearing the air of disease (in medieval Europe), raising the spirits of the dead, calling fairies, and storm-calling.
  • One use of bell folklore in the modern world comes from hanging one over the door of a shop; not necessarily to signal the arrival of a customer, but to keep negative entities out.
  • The Necromantic Bell of Giradius: “Eighteenth century French instructions specified that the bell be cast from an alloy of gold, silver, fixed mercury, tin, iron, and lead at the exact day and hour of birth of the person who intends to use it. The bell was to be inscribed with various astrological symbols and the magical words of Adonai, Jesus and the Tetragrammaton. Then, the bell was to be wrapped in green taffeta and placed in the middle of a grave in a cemetery. It was to be left for seven days, during which time it absorbed certain vibrations and emanations. At the end of a week, the bell was properly “cured” for necromancy rituals” (Guiley 23)*.


*”The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft” by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, 1st Edition

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