• Apples have long been associated with magic and goddess deities.
  • Goddesses such as Hera, Idunn, Freya, Aphrodite, Eris, and Hel are some examples of this association.
  • Divination with apples originating in medieval Europe have evolved into Halloween games, for example, apple bobbing.
  • One long peel of an apple that falls on the floor in a certain shape was said to divine the first initial of one’s future spouse.
  • Witches who wanted to bewitch others were said to use apples, hence, the story of Snow White.
  • English folklore says its bad luck to pick all the apples in a harvest as some must be left for the fairies.
  • Apples are associated with fertility and love and are thus used as charms to attract those things in various cultures and traditions.

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